About me

I create set decoration graphics for film, television, advertising and virtual reality. The pieces I create can be props used by actors or design elements that bring a story to life: the sign for the shop where the main character works, the newspaper that announces the coup d’état of 1936, the label for a period hair tonic or a treasure map from the Wild West.  

My work is in large part digital but, as much as I can, I add a manual touch. I build fictional pieces that rigorously reflect the period, aesthetic and feel of the production.

I’ve made the packs of cigarettes sitting on a coffee table, the fashion magazines and books characters read in addition to hand-lettering notices pinned to the wall of a bar or faithfully re-creating love letters.

I also do post-production on screen graphic design and editing. This can include designing screen credits, deleting the stairs from a fixed shot or creating a futuristic graphic interface that appears of a monitor.  

My X-acto knives are sharp and my Photoshop game is sharper